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Our Mission

Hamilton Wings works to promote leadership development and academic readiness of socially and/or economically challenged children through the use of and access to the arts.

Hamilton Wings offers youth and their families opportunities for:


meaningful, creative, non-traditional learning, 


promotes participation by children and families in the area’s rich cultural resources

Our Approach

Hamilton Wings promotes leadership and learning through the arts.  We specifically direct our work and services to youth and families living in underserved communities. 

Hamilton Wings offers an array of innovative and impactful, developmentally appropriate afterschool programs for youth ages 5-18 and their families. 

We build partnerships with leaders and organizations in order to fulfill our mission.  Schools are among our greatest community partners.

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Our Impact

Hamilton Wings offers a variety of structured educational workshops and cultural enrichment programs designed to:

  • support cognitive and social skills for academic and life achievement;

  • communicate that learning is continuous and may assume multiple forms;

  • provide opportunities for personal expression and social responsibility;

  • broaden children and families resource networks;

be respectful of education, families, and individual ideas.

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