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Our Educator Partnerships


Partnering with Educators to Support Teaching & Learning

Levitated Objects

Through our core principles, educators are provided with opportunities to share solutions and voice challenges in their classrooms and in their school environments with a group of supportive and responsive peers. We provide workshops and resources to ensure our partner educators are able to incorporate the arts into their standard curriculums and embrace these concepts within their professional experiences. 


The support of educators throughout this process is critical for continued education, leadership development, and in-school improvements in behaviors, grades, and overall student success. 

We Provide the Resources

The Teacher
Training/Sharing Institute 

TTSI is a collaborative initiative to provide teachers and educators professional development training in the arts for seamless integration in classroom curriculum. Working with professional artists and artists educators, participants learn techniques for promoting student learning and adhering to quality educational standards.


For more information about participating in our Teacher Training/Sharing Institute:

Our approach involves children through the entire spectrum of learning - from ages 2 to 17.


With support from our educator partners, we are able to successfully achieve results through a continuum program delivery. 


Each program is designed to align with the students' current grade level and skill mastery.

Our continuum is a proven method to guide youth through the process of becoming leaders in our community. 

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