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Our Families

Partnering with Children's First & Most Important Teachers


Each step of the process involving our youth is shared with the families. We believe the center of every child's success lies within their family support system. Incorporating them into the process provides families to experience the impact of our programs.


The active participation of parents/significant adults in partnership with Hamilton Wings is critical for this program’s success.  Families are expected to provide support within the home that nurtures their child(ren)’s potential and complements the goals of the Hamilton Wings’ programs.   

We Provide Families With:
  • Tools and strategies for supporting their children's talents and social, emotional, and academic development 

  • Goal setting and reflection opportunities through workshops

  • Ongoing evaluations of their child's development

Making the Connection

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Through the Hamilton Wings' Families Initiatives Program:
  • Children are supported in their interests and in gaining access to valuable resources that will help them grow and develop;

  • Families are supported as they work towards ensuring their children’s success; and,

  • Hamilton Wings benefits from the many gifts and talents of the families we serve.

The primary objectives of the Hamilton Wings' Families Initiatives Program are to:
  1. Ensure that students make successful transitions through each level of education (elementary, middle, high school, higher education)

  2. Assess the impact/influence of the Arts and Achievement initiative on student achievement

  3. Assess the impact/influence of the Arts and Achievement initiative on family engagement

  4. Assess the impact/influence of the Arts and Achievement initiative on the learning environment

Our Strategy

Celebrating youth and family successes and achievements

Student assessment & follow-up

Linking youth and families with supportive resources

Working With Families to Set Goals

Together we can have a lasting impact on the lives of your children. Setting clear and identifiable goals will help guide the course for those children participating in SCORE! (Students Creating Opera to Reinforce Education). Click the link below to download the 3-question worksheet and work with your child(ren) to identify goals. Then CELEBRATE your achievements! 


The Family Pledge

As your child(ren)’s first and greatest influence, your full cooperation in efforts to provide positive, nurturing experiences for your child(ren) is critical. Your partnership with Hamilton Wings is intended to unify our efforts in order to bring out the very best in our children.

I will work in partnership with Hamilton Wings by:


  • Supporting my child’s abilities and character

  • Finding additional opportunities for my child’s academic, personal, and social achievement

  • Engaging my child in daily conversation that acknowledges his/her abilities and reinforces his/her efforts


We believe every child can and will succeed if given the opportunity.

Development by Design

Development by Design recognizes the critical role of parents as educational partners and as their children’s first and most important teachers.  Development by Development involves parents of young children in hands-on, interactive, arts- and literature-based workshops designed to promote improved school readiness, healthy social and emotional development, positive parent-child communication, and productive learning environments at home.

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