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Hamilton Wings

giving our children the wings to soar

Our Mission

Hamilton Wings works to promote leadership development and academic readiness of socially and/or economically challenged children through the use of and access to the arts.


Hamilton Wings offers youth and their families opportunities for: 

meaningful, creative, non-traditional learning, 


promotes participation by children and families in the area’s rich cultural resources.

Hamilton Wings works to meet this challenge by embodying practices of mutual respect and celebration of our four key educational partners, represented by the four squares of the Hamilton Wings’ logo:
Youth, Families, Community and Educators.   

Hamilton Wings’ locally and nationally recognized programs are grounded in best practices in positive youth development and arts education.

We provide families with tools and strategies for supporting their children’s talents, social, emotional, and academic development.

We provide workshops and resources to bring community members together through artistic endeavors.

Hamilton Wings Provides opportunities to share solutions and voice challenges in supporting young people’s leadership and learning.

At Hamilton Wings, we will help you and your child explore and fill your world with color while creating touching and lasting memories. We recognize the potential in all children and the transformative effect the arts can have.

Our History

Founded in 1996 by (the late) Ann Jones, then principal of a challenged elementary school, and Dr. Rise’ Jones. 

Hamilton Wings was named in memory of husband, father, and psychologist Charles Hamilton Jones.

Since its inception, Hamilton Wings has not only brought together expert artist educators but also diverse community and educational partners to provide young people with high quality arts enrichment that attends to their holistic and creative needs and affords them meaningful avenues for personal expression, personal and social responsibility, and tools for building their cognitive and social skills.

“A place where she can feel included and express herself and learn new things”
                                                                                                                                   -Former Hamilton Wings Parent
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