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Our History

Founded in 1996 by (the late) Ann Jones, then principal of a challenged elementary school, and Dr. Rise’ Jones, Hamilton Wings was named in memory of husband, father, and psychologist Charles Hamilton Jones.

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  • Hamilton Wings was built on a loving memory;

  • a desire for ALL children to actively and deeply participate in the arts and contribute their voices to the cultural landscape;

  • an in-school, multi-grade "experiment" that solidified in the minds of the founders the critical importance of high expectations, youth-directed learning, and opportunities for success, even and especially for the "at risk" labeled child;

  • and a passion for the transformative effects of creating and sharing art.

Since its inception, Hamilton Wings has not only brought together expert artist educators but also diverse community and educational partners to provide young people with high quality arts enrichment that attends to their holistic and creative needs and affords them meaningful avenues for personal expression, personal and social responsibility, and tools for building their cognitive and social skills.

At Hamilton Wings, we embrace the arts by using the best of arts education and positive youth development. We emphasize youth responsibility for learning and leadership. We stress civic and social responsibility with high expectation, accompanied with opportunities to succeed.

We engage our families in meaningful ways and ground our work in high quality learning standards and practices.

Through Hamilton Wings, young people produce, perform, and share their own ORIGINAL art, stories, and performances while building lifelong social emotional skills, leadership, and confidence.

(Photo Credit Judson University: 

Dr. Jones gratefully accepts the D. Ray Wilson Volunteer Service Award 2014, "in recognition of significant contributions to the greater good within the Golden Corridor Community by voluntarily serving others physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual needs.")

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